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Well well well, ever got this project which looked promising at first and two weeks into the project you regret why you ever signed that contract? We got one such project. It had a fairly 'simple' brief. Straight forward it may have seemed... Well not so. 
This particular client wanted a conversion from residential to commercial.

So the design was done and approved. Renders done and the client was happy.... 

All was going well up until the time frames changed. A week was 'sliced' off! A week can make a whole lot of difference when it comes to finishing. And a week is like two weeks where you had mobilized two teams to work night and day, each doing 7 (seven) hours. Unfortunately the project ended prematurely.

For designers out there, make sure that even before you embark on a project, even a single sketch, dedicate your project to GOD, through JESUS. Ask GOD for wisdom on how to go about it. You are not a genius. Even the greatest designer is like doodling when compared to the greatest designer ever! The LORD GOD! HE simply spoke and it was!! Awesome. That way, when a project is dedicated to GOD, we as people will not soak up all the fame and glory, GOD will, because HE enables life and skill.

Ensure that there is a contract signed between you and your client. Get your legal representative to go through it. Ensure your client understands the document and your proposal. The time frames must be discussed too and noted on the contract.

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