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Goat House 

You have some pure breed Saneens, Toggs or British Alpines? Then you most probably will have them housed in some comfortable house. Goat houses need to be well ventilated, good ergonomics considering the size and number of goats among other considerations. Someone very special brought us up with some healthy goat milk. Got to research about, design and oversee a 'makeover'.


Note the trough which was causing quite a lot of food wastage. The spaces on the raised floor were too big and occasionally the hooves got stuck in between the spaces (very painful for the animals). So, I did some research and made some progress




Above is the chosen location for the new goat house and below the preparation




Now that's more like it. More space for the goats. Each now has it's own cubicle, spaces between floor planks is at a maximum 20mm and many more advantages.

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